Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More on Sources for Free Images on Internet

Used under Creative Commons Licence 3.0
Some rights reserved by Sergio Tudela

A few weeks ago, I posted about various sources for royalty free images on the internet.  These images can be used freely, without payment of royalties, for various projects such as blogs, civic newsletters and even your child's homework, and their use does not violate any copyright laws.

Some of the images may even be used for commercial purposes.

Here are four additional internet resources for royalty free images:

Flikr (click here) is the largest storage site for photos on the web.  Millions of these photos are licensed for Creative Commons use, including some for commercial use.  Along the top headings on the Flickr site, go to Explore, then on the drop-down menu click on Creative Commons.  Conduct your search, and just make sure to give the proper attribution on the photo. 

Example of royalty free image.  Creative Commons 3.0 - some rights reserved by pfarrell95
Compfight (click here) is a great search engine for royalty free images.   Many of its images come from Flikr, but it is not associated with the photo storage site.  On the left column, Compfight gives you the ability to search for Creative Commons images (royalty free for non-commercial purposes, with attribution), or "Commercial" for images that can be used for commercial purposes.  And if you blog or have a website with Wordpress, Compfight is even better.  There is a plug in that allows you to use the Compfight search engine directly from Wordpress.

Photo Pin (click here) is another great search engine for blog photos, or even images for commercial use.  It is very easy to use, gives you options on how to display your results, and gives you a multitude of options on the size image to download.  Photo Pin requires that you copy and paste the link to the photo in the credit line.

Photo from Photo Pin - see link below

Royalty free Halloween artwork from Open Clip Art

Open Clip Art (click here) is a totally free site of clip art images.  The images here may be used for any purpose, including commercial use.

Link to Photo Pin photo:
<a href="">Stuck in Customs</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

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