Monday, October 29, 2012

Handy Tool to Determine Copyright Status

Have a question about the copyright status of a particular work?  The internet provides two quick and easy references to give you a quick answer.
Illustration through Open Source Art, Royalty free license

Digital Copyright Slider is a nifty little online tool for giving you a quick idea about the applicable copyright status of any published work. The Digital Copyright Slider is a tool developed by the American Library Association, and available for sharing pursuant to a Creative Commons Copyright.

Click here to link to the site.  Then you just slide the cursor down the scale until you  hit the applicable type of work and date. 

This little tool does not provide a detailed legal anaysis of copyright for any particular work, but it does give you a quick at-a-glace, rule of thumb.

A second more detailed resource is the flowchart developed by Sunstein Intellectual Property Group.  At first glace, it is a little more complicated.  But it provides a more detailed anaysis which you might expect from a law firm website.  Click here to link to the flowchart. 

For researchers, writers and educators, they are both useful tools to have in your internet toolbox.

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