Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hell's Angels Riding Into Court to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Hell's Angels in Court.

That's not so surprising.  But the reason may be.

Hell's Angel's Motorcycle Club, the bad ass kings of leather and tattoos, the feared road warriors of legend and movies, are not fighting drug charges, or defending themselves from terrorizing small towns as in The Wild Ones or Wild Hogs.

Nope.  They are going to court to enforce their intellectual property rights.  Specifically, they are aggressively asserting their property rights in the club's trademarked "Death Head" logo.

Heading the charge is 67-year-old lawyer Fritz Clapp, an intellectual property expert bedecked with a red mohawk and a stylish white beard.  In his sites have been such targets as Toys R Us, Amazon, Saks, Marvel Comics and The Mouse himself, Disney Corporation.

It's a bit of a change in direction for the group that is still labeled by law enforcement as an organized crime group involved in drug trafficking on six continents. The New York Times in its recent article on this quoted a veteran member with the street name of "Chico."  He told the Times reporter:  "We stabbed and stabbed people left and right in the day, but that way is less common now."

Hmmm . . .  "Less common."   Leads to some interesting speculation about what Hell's Angels cease and desist letters might look like.

"Dear Joe:

Please immediately cease and desist using our trademarked Hell's Angels logos.  It violates the law and we will sue you for lots of money if you don't stop.  Please note, however, that we don't stab people left and right like we used to.  We may still do it, but it's less common.

Thank you for your prompt compliance.  And by receiving this letter it is apparent:  we know where you live."

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