Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free House For Writers, But There's a Catch: It's in Detroit

The efforts at revitalizing ravaged urban blight areas has taken a new turn.  And for some writers, it may be worth looking in to.

Write A House, a Detroit non-profit corporation, has established a program to fix up blighted houses in a section of Detroit, fix them up, then give them away to writers.  The intent is the establish a writers community in the Motor City in an effort to infuse new life into the city that is most recently known for the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Write A House has already purchased three houses and is raising funds to refurbish them.

The project is a short distance from the Powerhouse Project, which has successfully started an artists community in refurbished Mo-Town housing.  That project has received national publicity, particularly from the national artistic community publication Juxtapoz.

Undoubtedly the project is not for everyone.  But for some aspiring writers, it could be a great opportunity.

For the project's website, including the application for residency, CLICK HERE.  For a detailed article in the Huffington Post on the project, CLICK HERE.

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