Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Day: I Have a Dream - But It's Copyrighted

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"I have a dream."

Those simple words stirred the American conscious and changed a nation.

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day and honor the man who spoke those words 50 years ago this August.  We celebrate on the same day that we see The Dream again fulfilled with the second inaugural for Barack Obama, the first African-American President.

But be careful.  King's iconic speech, the speech that changed America, does not belong to history.  It does not belong to the nation it changed.  It does not belong to the people who are forever inspired by Rev. King's soaring oratory of the spirit.

No. It is copyrighted. It belongs to EMI, which persists in issuing takedown notices every time the speech appears in the public domain, including attempts to post it on YouTube.

But several groups are celebrating Internet Freedom Day and MLK Day by posting the black and white video on YouTube.

As for me, I have a dream that every classroom in the nation should be able to access YouTube or other public resources and watch this speech without worrying about copyright infringement.

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