Monday, December 17, 2012

My Newest Book Now Available on Amazon

Cover for my latest book.  Art work is my photo

Visiting Hours and Other Stories from the Heart

My second book, a collection of short stories, is now available in e-book format on Amazon.  The book will be available in paperback through Amazon later this week.

Visiting Hours is a collection of five short stories and two previously published articles.  The stories are rooted in the heartland - and in the heart. The title story won the Manny Award for Best Short Fiction at the 2011 Midwest Writers Workshop. Both the original longer version and the award-winning shorter version are included.

 Click HERE to go to Visiting Hours and Other Stories from the Heart on Amazon.

These five unrelated stories that are bound together by the thread of simple events the impact us at every stage of our lives.  The lead characters are a young boy growing up in the 1950's, a 14-year-old girl in post-WWII Tennessee, a businessman in mid-career, a mid-50s Midwestern farm wife at the turn of the century, and an elderly man facing a final life crisis.

For those who have read my novel Stars Fall, this book is as different as one can imagine.  The writing style is more conversational, the pace is easy, and the stories are more likely to bring a tear than take you to the edge of your seat.  (Click HERE for link to Stars Fall on Amazon)

But if you like thrills and suspense in your reading, Stars Fall is still available through Amazon. Its currently available in e-book format. A technical glitch made the paperback version temporarily unavailable. But the paperback will again be available by the end of the week.

Here's a brief summary of the stories included in Visiting Hours and Other Stories from the Heart.

Visiting Hours: Sarah is a turn-of-the-century farm wife. Her children grown, she feels the melancholy of aging and isolation, exacerbated by the death of an elderly aunt. Her brash cousin Maude insists that Sarah come with her for a visit. The tragic death of a young Negro girl and an old wives' tale prompts Maude to insist that the two cousins go to the calling for the dead girl. But what awaits them will change both their lives.

Christmas 1948: Life is tough in the hills and hollers of post WWII Tennessee. It is particularly so for Cassie Mae. Her father still deals with the emotional scars of serving in the Pacific during WWII. Her mother has all she can do to keep the family clothed and fed. So at age 14, Cassie Mae tries to make Christmas special for her five younger brothers and sisters.

Tending Roses: Facing failed relationships, a stalled career, and an estranged teenage daughter, a man makes an obligatory visit to see his aging aunt. As they walk through the aunt's carefully tended rose garden, he learns something of life and himself.

Rabbit for Breakfast:
It's the first weekend of rabbit season in the mid-1950s. A young boy and his father go to relative's house for a breakfast of fried rabbit and homemade biscuits. The boy deals with a loving aunt, a quirky uncle and a distant father.

Somewhere In Time: A man faces the cruel truth of being told that he has Alzheimer’s.

Riding the Rails: An article exploring the soul-soothing qualities of traveling by train.

Sunday Morning Coming Down in New Orleans: Reflections on a trip to New Orleans seven months after Hurricane Katrina. Despite all the damage done, the article finds that the soul of New Orleans is still there, unchanged.

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